High West Distillery Campfire 0
High West Distillery Campfire
Category: Blended Whiskey
Region: United States » Utah
Producer: High West Distillery
Alcohol: 46.0%



This whiskey is completely unlike anything we've ever tried. At first sniff, there's the smoky, peated Scotch doing a jig with fresh green spicy rye notes, while the bourbon brings dark cherries and a touch of oakiness. It's a shifting symphony—one moment Scotch is on top with smoky malt, then the rye fights back with sharp spices and grassy notes, and all the while bourbon in the background with brown sugar and wood sweetness. But the wonderful thing about this whiskey is that it keeps shifting. Each sip is a new revelation, as one whiskey takes center stage the others recede and share the spotlight. Despite the fluidity, no one spirit dominates or speaks out of turn; it's a remarkably harmonious blend, and the whole is somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

Wine Enthusiast

An unexpectedly wonderful pairing with a sweet chocolate or a sticky caramel dessert, Campfire blends straight rye whiskey, straight Bourbon and blended Scotch. Altogether, it's big and smoky, with lots of iodine, but doesn't completely overwhelm, settling into a pleasing mix of toffee and peat. Gift a bottle to a Scotch lover to introduce the joys of American whiskeys.

Score: 91. July 01, 2013.

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