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Brennivin - Aquavit The Original Icelandic Schnapps (1L)

Price: $37.99

Producer Brennivin
Country Iceland
Style Schnapps
Sku 48826
Size 1L
Only available for shipping in New York or in-store pickup

Brennivin Description

Brennivin is unsweetened schnapps, made from fermented potato mash and flavored with caraway and has been a favorite among Icelanders since 1935. Similar to Scandinavian aquavit, it is gaining popularity around the globe. The steeping of herbs in alcohol to create Schnapps is a long-held folk tradition in all Scandinavian countries. Brennivin, literally translates to ?Burnt Wine?, but is sometimes also nicknamed ?Black Death?. Legend has it that brennivin achieved its ominous nickname during the Icelandic prohibition, which was more lenient than the American prohibition. During prohibition (from 1915 to 1922), the Icelandic government placed a skull and crossbones logo on all liquor bottles. Soon, drinkers grew accustomed to requesting ?black death? at the counter of their local liquor store. In Iceland, Brennivin is best enjoyed with traditional Icelandic dishes, especially those that feature lamb or strong fish. While delicious in cocktails, we suggest drinking brennivin straight, ice cold from the freezer with a beer chaser and a plate of charcuterie! Tasting Note: Bold and pungent, Brennivin has unique and distinct taste ?heavy on the caraway, similar to drinking a slice of liquid rye bread. Pairs beautifully with beer and food. Enjoy ice cold straight from the freezer. Skal!

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